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This country needs no introduction when it comes to higher education. The popularity of the US among the student cult for various valid reasons is known to all.

Every year, millions of students throng the USA to finish their higher studies and pursue dream careers.

Even though there are three intakes on record for student admissions – Fall, Spring, and Summer, the maximum number of applications and course offerings happen in Fall(Sep) and Spring(March/Apri) semesters.The USA till today, remains the hub for foreign education because of the following reasons:-
Globally ranked universities
Great scholarship options
Flexibility of courses and electives
Competitive tuition fees
Student-friendly environment
• Resource-rich campuses
A huge international student base

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Getting into a medical program in the USA from the perspective of an international student is really
rigorous. It is known to all that the technology the USA uses for healthcare and the amount of funding allocated to it. However, being an international student is a long drawn process and requires a lot of effort.

Medicine/ Dentistry at the UG level in the USA

General Entry Requirements
a) 16 years of study (A bachelor in India or 4 years in a Pre-med school in the USA) with a GPA of
3.6 and above.
b) A combination of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Microbiology, Anatomy,
Physiology, etc
c) MCAT/DAT(for direct entry), SAT/ACT( for a route through 4 years Pre-Med)
d) IELTS -7 or higher

Duration of the course :
8 years (if applying after 12th)

4 years (if applying after 16 years of study)

Tuition Fees :
30 lakhs per year of study
Medicine/ Dentistry at the PG level in the USA(known as residency)

General Entry Requirements
a) A graduate degree in Medicine/ Dentistry
b) USMLE qualification
c) IELTS – 7 and above

Duration of the course :
3 to 7 years depending on specialization

It is not a taught program. However, students do incur a lot of expenses in terms of the USMLE registrations, cost of living during the residency period, and various such registrations thereafter details on the best options, programs, routes, scholarships, and several such matters.

Typically, a student needs to spend 11-15 years in the USA and funds running into crores before they officially become capable of practicing in the land.

An alternative route to achieve the same proficiency but at a lesser cost and by spending a lesser time, is to go to the top-ranked Caribbean schools having affiliations with US hospitals. These Caribbean Schools offer first-rate programs drawing the best of faculty members from all over the world and give the students an experience and career of a lifetime.

Program at a glance:
Duration: 4-5 years
Degree Offered – MD
Intakes – August and January
Program Plan:  2/3 yrs in Grenada(pre-clinical and basic sciences), 2 years in the USA(clinical)
Basic Eligibility – 80% and above in 10+2 – PCB
IELTS – 7( no band less than 6.5)
Tuition Fees: 1.75 – 2 crores (for the whole length of the program)

USMLE Success Rate – 96% on the first attempt
Affiliations: The several USA and UK based hospitals

Students can also opt to finish the Clinical years (2) in UK or Canada
MCI Recognized

Prominent schools in the Caribbean leading to Residency in the USA :

  • St George’s – Grenada

  • American University of Antigua

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