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One of the most safe nations on the planet, gifted with breathtaking nature’s bounty and a country renowned world over for excellent vineyards, New Zealand today comes through as one of the top 10 pursued countries for foreign education.

With many globally ranked universities present in the country and several flexible paths for education available, New Zealand undoubtedly stays as a popular choice.

Institutions in New Zealand have two major intakes and obtaining visa is relatively easier in the nation. The education system is based on the 3 tier model – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Awards come in different levels as well.

Level 1,2,3 and 4 – Certification
Levels 5 & 6 – Diploma
Level 7 – Bachelors
Level 8 – Post Graduate Diploma
Level 9 – Masters
Level 10 – Doctorate

Some of the reasons behind the popularity of New Zealand for higher studies are: –
Excellent pedagogy
World-class universities
Wide range of scholarships available
High quality of life
Excellent opportunity to work while studying
Flexible entry requirements
Flexible courses and credits
Breathtaking locale
Ease of getting visas


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