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It might not be known to a lot of international students as to what treasure the country of Hungaryholds when it comes to studying medicine/dentistry. A land-locked country in Eastern Europe, Hungary sees around 1000 international students entering their medical/dentistry programs every year. One of the most beautiful countries in the world with a lot of noble laureates to boot, Hungary houses many medical schools which are one of the topmost in the whole world. Apart from the beautiful scenic tranquillity which is best for an academic environment, the country also offers a very competitive tuition fee rate when it comes to studying medicine/dentistry. The programs are taught in English and cost around 15000 -20000 USD per year which is less than half if compared with nations like USA or UK. However, the degrees offered are revered throughout the world because of the rigorous education system the country follows.


Program at a glance:

Duration:6 years for Medicine and 5 years for Dentistry including internship

Degree Offered – MD/ DMD

Intake – September

Language of Instruction: English

Basic Eligibility – 60% and above in 10+2 – PCB
IELTS – Not Mandatory

Tuition Fees: -16900 USD Per Year 


  • Practice Directly In UK, No Plab Required.

  • USMLE In House.

  • Hospitals in Newyork and Hungary.

  • Post Graduation Available.

  • Basic Medicine course Available .

We offer medical programs with worldwide accreditation, including

  • the World Health Organization,

  • the World Federation for Medical Education

  • the New York State Education Department,

  • the Medical Board of California

  • and the Medical Councils of Israel, Ireland, Iran, and Norway.

  • MCI

University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen (Hungarian: Debreceni Egyetem) is a university located in DebrecenHungary. It is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary ever since its establishment in 1538. The university has a well established programme in the English language for international students, particularly in the Medical and Engineering field, which first established education in English in 1886. There are nearly 6000 international students studying at the university.

Until 2014 technical Academy Awards (Oscars) have been awarded to five former students.

The University of Debrecen's acceptance rate is 25% making it one of the most competitive universities in Central Europe.

University of Debrecen is ranked 501st in QS World University Rankings by Top Universities and has an overall score of 4.1 stars with its prestigious Medical School ranked 19th position worldwide along with the Engineering department ranked 59th, Computer Sciences ranked 37th, Veterinary department ranked 27th, Pharmaceutics and Toxicology department ranked 26th worldwide. It is also notable for its Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics department which is ranked 77th, 83rd and 79th worldwide respectively.

Study Programs




Basic Medicine Course

English Language Course Sept-May

Intensive English Language Course February - June

Intensive Foundation Semester February - June

International Foundation Year for Music Sept - May

International Foundation Year Sept - May

Short English Language Course Sept - Dec

Hungarian Scholarship Foundation Program Oct - June

Agricultural Engineering

Biochemical Engineering


Business Administration and Management

Business Informatics

Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Commerce and Marketing

Computer Science

Computer Science Engineering

Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering

Agricultural Water Management Engineering, MSc

American Studies

Animal Husbandry Engineering

Applied Mathematics

Biology, MSc

Business Informatics


Chemical Engineering

Classical Musical Instrumental Performance

Debrecen Course


Qualification: “Doctor of Medicine “. The certificate is a document verifying the awarding of a medical degree, abbreviated as dr. med. (M.D.) 


Starting date: September 


Language requirements: English language proficiency (assessed at the compulsory entrance examination) 


Academic requirements: high school certificate; entrance examination in biology and physics/chemistry (written and oral) or successful completion of the Basic 

Medicine Course at the University of Debrecen 


Duration: 12 semesters 


Tuition fee: 16,900 USD/year 

Other fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD= 500 USD 


today, the Medical School has 22 departments of basic sciences and 25 clinical departments 

the various fields include 

  •  clinical chemistry 

  •  internal medicine 

  •  surgery 

  •  orthopedics 

  • oradiology 

  •  neurology 

  •  neurosurgery 

  •  psychiatry 

  •  pediatrics 

  •  obstetrics and gynecology 

  • ocardiology and pulmonology 

  • ooto-rhino-laryngology 

  • odermatology 

  • oophthalmology 

  • ostomatology 

  • ourology 

Required Documents 

The following documents need to be submitted during the application procedure by all applicants through our online application platform : ​

  • ∙Valid, completely filled out application form 

  • ∙Certificate of former education (school leaving certificate, high school diploma, document of graduation or any equivalent thereof; 

  • university or college diploma/certificate or any equivalent; all of these documents must be available in English (originally in English 

  • or officially translated)); 

  • ∙Passport or National ID 

  • ∙Short Resume/CV (personal details, educational background, work experience, language skills, additional skills) 

  • ∙Medical Certificate 

Admission requirements - medical and health science programs 

An entrance examination is compulsory for students applying to the following programs:​


  • ∙Basic Medicine Course 

  • ∙Medicine 

  • ∙Dentistry 

  • ∙Pharmacy 

The entrance exam consists of two parts:​


  • a written test (comprised of multiple-choice questions, definitions, calculations, etc.) in Biology (compulsory for all) and Chemistry 

  • or Physics (the applicant's choice). Each written test takes 50 minutes. 

  • an oral exam in Biology and Physics or Chemistry 

  • Possible results of the exam: ​

  • admitted (to first year) 

  • admitted to Basic Medicine Course (preparatory program) 

  • rejected 

  • in certain cases the exam committee can offer acceptance to a different study program. 

  • The overall exam performance is taken into consideration and the scores of different parts of the exam are for internal use only and not to be communicated to the 

  • applicants. ​


An entrance interview is compulsory in case of the following programs:​


  • ∙BSc in Physiotherapy 

  • ∙BSc in Public Health 

  • ∙BSc Nurse 

  • ∙BSc Dietetics 

  • ∙MSc in Public Health 

  • ∙MSc in Molecular Biology 

  • ∙MSc in Complex Rehabilitation 

  • ∙MSc in Health Social Work 

  • ∙MA Social Work and Social Economy 

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